Spotlight On: Lefrak City Promenade Shops and GreatWall Supermarket

  • Project: Lefrak City Promenade Shops and GreatWall Supermarket
  • Engineer: 5D Architecture & Engineering, PLLC 
  • Manufacturer: MacLean Dixie
  • System: P35 Series Pipe Piles (8” 10” x 12” lead and a 14”x14” follower connected to a P35 extension)
  • Distributor: Premium Technical Services
  • Installation Contractor: Foundation Stabilizers, Inc.
  • Pile Quantity: 175

The Lefrak City Promenade Shops occupy 75,000 square feet of retail space flanked by the Lefrak City apartments in Corona, NY. As part of the mall’s redevelopment, a 30,000 square foot site will be renovated to make way for the GreatWall Supermarket. Foundation Stabilizers, Inc., a certified installer of Premium Technical Services, conducted the load testing, pre-drilling and pile installation over a 6-month period.

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The proposed site of the supermarket was once home to a Loew’s theater. The movie theater’s foundation system suffered from technical challenges that needed to be resolved in order to support the supermarket. The slab under the movie theater had been poured over several times to counteract settling, and the foundation needed to be reinforced to sustain the planned supermarket’s elevators and column loads. Due to space restrictions, the designs called for 175 60-ton Ultimate piles to bolster the foundation.


During the testing and planning stages of the project, FSI determined that the existing foundation demonstrated varied levels of debris, boulders and concrete slab that could not be penetrated by the piles. Load tests confirmed that a MacLean Dixie P35 Pile with 8”x10”x12” lead and a 14”x14” follower installed to a depth of 70 feet could achieve the required 60 ton load. As a result, FSI pre-drilled all of the pile locations with a skid-steer mounted Rock Auger and Core Barrel Drilling Rig. They breached 20 feet through the debris and 12 inches of reinforced slab and successfully installed all 175 piles to depths ranging from 70 to 120 feet.

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In addition to the anticipated supermarket, the mall’s other anchors include Chase Bank, Rite Aid Pharmacy and Powerhouse Gym. The Shops serve nearly 150,000 residents within a one-mile radius.

Spotlight On: East 6th Street Substation

  • Project: East 6th Street Substation
  • Engineer: Con Edison
  • Manufacturer: MacLean Dixie
  • System: P35 Series Pipe Piles (8’ x 10’ x 12’ lead connected to a P35 extension)
  • Distributor: Premium Technical Services
  • Installation Contractor: Foundation Stabilizers, Inc.


Foundation Stabilizers, Inc., a certified installer of Premium Technical Services, installed a series of MacLean-Dixie P35 pipe piles at Con Edison’s East 6th Street substation in New York to support a new transformer unit.


The week-long project required FSI to perform a load test to 50 kips with a net settlement of 0.126″. The foundation area was dug to ten feet, and the piles were installed to 10,500 ft*lbs ranging from 50-60 feet in depth. FSI dug the pile locations by hand to a depth of four feet. The piles were all installed within a 2’ x 2’ footprint.

The East 6th Street Substation serves the entire East Village, home to roughly 50,000 residents. The new transformer replaces the original (built in the 1950s) with a larger design that will allow the substation to deliver more electricity to the neighborhood.



Winter Foundation Checkup

The holidays are almost here!  Give your family the gift of peace of mind with a simple checklist from PTS!

As the temperatures drop during the winter season, it’s important to make sure your home’s foundation is up to the challenge of another winter.  Ensuring that your foundation is at peak performance will help reduce heat loss, protect your basement or crawl space from unnecessary dampness and moisture, and maintain the overall structural integrity of your home.

Level Floors

If the floors in your home are not level, this could signify a problem with your home’s foundation.

Some clues include:

–       a door suddenly starts to jam or does not latch properly

–       a window does not close properly or refuses to open

–       diagonal cracks in the walls above doors and windows

–       gaps in the window and door frames

–       cracks in the ceiling near load-bearing walls

–       leaning walls

Frost Heave

Fluctuating temperatures can cause the snow and ice in the soil near your home’s foundation to alternately melt and freeze. This can cause the foundation to become displaced as the water levels continuously shift. If you notice cracking and/or heaving in the basement or garage entryways, you may have frost heave. 


Look for cracks around the brick/block foundation of your home. Any new cracks should be investigated.

Mold and Moisture

Is your basement suddenly damp?  Do you notice a new odor? Mold and moisture problems can also hint to foundation issues that are allowing moisture and gasses from the soil to seep into your home.  Mold and dangerous gasses can lead to serious health problems. They can also exacerbate existing lung conditions – like asthma or COPD.

If you notice any issues or simply want confirmation that your home’s foundation is rock solid, contact PTS today to set up an appointment for a consultation.

ICC: We’re Approved!

It’s official! 

MacLean-Dixie’s unique patented helical product line has received ICC approval.  The  ICC-ES has assigned ESR-3032 to MacLeanDixie as approval that the evaluation of the 1-1/2” & 1-3/4”  RCS and 2-7/8” & 3-1/2” pipe foundation piles meet the criteria per AC358 Evaluation Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices.  They are the ONLY manufacturer to be awarded the coveted ESR3032 for both RCS and pipe helical foundation piles.   This marks a huge step forward for MacLean-Dixie, Premium Technical Services, our installers, and all future projects!

Click below to see the complete article on MacLean Dixie’s website!

Spotlight On: Gowanus Sub Station

Project: Gowanus Sub Station

Engineer: Con Edison

System: P35 Series Pipe Piles

Installation Contractor: Jet Drive

MacLean-Dixie P35 pipe piles are being installed at the Gowanus Sub Station in Brooklyn to support assorted Buss bars at the Transfer station.  Jet Drive has successfully overcome difficulties with low overhead and vibration concerns throughout the project.

Spotlight On: Berkshire School Solar Farm

Project: Berkshire School Solar Farm

Engineer: Spire Solar

System: Custom 5.5″ Pipe Piles

Installation Contractor: FSR

Over 1,000 custom designed 5.5″ MacLean-Dixie pipe piles were installed at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA to support solar panels.

PTS has expanded!

In response to the growing demand for helical products, Premium Technical Services is happy to introduce Daniel Almeida as our newest Sales Technician in the Sales and Marketing department!

Daniel comes to PTS with 13 years of sales experience and 18 years of field experience working with piles and other structural repair & preservation systems.  In his spare time, Daniel enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his children.

Spotlight On: St. Raymond’s High School for Boys

Project: St. Raymond’s High School for Boys

Engineer: McLaren Engineering

System: P8™ Strength-Squared Helical System

Installation Contractor: FSR

MacLean-Dixie P8™ piles were installed at St. Raymond’s in the Bronx to support a new addition.  The piles were load tested to 240 kips with a net settlement of less than .3″.